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Learn How to Do Love Magic Quick and Real Cash

So what did Crowley do that was specific for the worship of evil and the occult? It started with his founding of the Thelema religion. Learn How to Do Real Money and Love Magic Fast

Crowley was consistently a prominent member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and introduced gay sex magick initiations for high degree members. Crowley was promoted through the ranks very fast because of his ritual encounter and contacts made with the spiritual world in Egypt. Right after buying the Boleskine estate, Crowley and his wife spent time doing rituals in Egypt and considered they conveyed with the Egyptian god Horus.Learn just how to Do Real Cash and Love Magic Quick

Crowley in egypt
A couple of weeks later he was contacted by his Holy Guardian Angel named Aiwass (“Aiwass” means “Lucifer” in Gnostic terms) while in Egypt, who dictated to him the document that would later form the Thelema religion, The Book of the Law.

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Followers should seek and follow their own true path in life, and following their “True Will” and carrying through any desires or purpose of life minus the help of God or ability. To locate your “True Will” you should perform magick. The magick and rituals help find this True Will and comprise day-to-day sun devotions, yoga, and sexual activities for example Tantric sex. Learn the way to Do Love Magic Quick and Real Cash

Crowley considered that Horus wanted him to be the prophet that was to educate the human race of the entrance into this Aeon of Horus era. Thelema religion says human history can be split into eras of religious expressions and distinct magic. Here’s where we can see the tie-in between the Ancient Egyptians, the occult, and the modern day “Illuminati”:Learn How to Do Real Cash and Love Magic Quick

Aeon of Isis: This was known as the era of Goddess worship (e.g. Egyptian goddess Isis). The emphasis at this time period was on matriarchal values, and human nature’s balance.
Aeon of Osiris: This occurred during the medieval times with male god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Osiris). The emphasis during this time was male dominated values and on patriarchy.
Aeon of Horus: This is the modern time with child god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Horus).

This present Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was intended to usher in is why we see the musicians doing the symbol for the all seeing eye, or the Eye of Horus (on the dollar bill pyramid) on the US Seal. This symbol for the eye is found in Freemasonry as the Eye of Providence as well. Learn the best way to Do Love Magic and Real Money Quickly

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