Opening Move to Unleash Real Magic Power on the World Tomorrow.

Opening Move to Unleash Real Magic Power on the World Tomorrow.

Fold a couple of blankets to make a head support and lay it at the end of a sticky mat. Place a yoga block, broad side down, on the mat about 4 to 5 inches away from the blankets, with its long side running across the mat. Set another block parallel to the first one, about 8 to 10 inches away from it, toward the foot of your mat. This block will be under your sacrum when you’re lying down.

Reach one hand over the opposite shoulder and move your fingers downward until they feel the ridge of bone at the very top of the shoulder blade and backward, before you enter the pose. This is called the backbone of the scapula. Return your hand to your side and sit on the block. Tuck your chin toward your chest, lie back over the first block, and fix its position so it supports the backs of both scapulae. Do not rest your head. Put both palms with your fingertips on the left side of your torso simply under your collarbone near the sternum and pull your ribs down toward your left hip.
Opening Move to Unleash Real Magic Power on the World Tomorrow.
Keep your chin tucked down and slowly release head and your neck back and to the right at an angle of about 30 degrees (about two inches of backbend for every one inch of sidebend).

Final Stretch

Opening Go to Unleash Real Magic Power on the World Tomorrow.If you sense too much stretch or if your neck bends backward sharply so your chin juts high in the air, centre your head, lift it with your hands, and try again with more head support. Lower the head support or remove the stretch, if it feels not too intense. You may reposition the block under your shoulder blades so stretch after lowering the support stands on its narrow edge, remove the block from under your sacrum, or both, if you need it.

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