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The best way to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Ability.

Possibly the most essential application of yoga for the relief of TOS is using it to loosen a special pair of the scalenus medius, the scalenus anterior and neck muscles, since they could create or aggravate TOS in several ways.

The scalenus anterior and scalenus medius muscles connect the sides of the neck to the top of the rib cage. The scalenus anterior attaches to the first rib about two inches away from the breastbone, and the scalenus medius attaches to exactly the same rib an inch or so farther back. Both muscles overlap near the neck and diverge somewhat as they go down toward the first rib, opening a narrow, triangular gap between them. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Ability.

The nerves that serve the hand slip through this opening after they come from the side of the neck. From there, they join the principal artery to the arm (the subclavian artery), as it traverses the cramped passage between the first rib and the clavicle. The primary vein (the subclavian vein) additionally passes over the first rib and under the clavicle, but it takes an even more constricted path, between the breastbone and the scalenus anterior tendon. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Power.

Tight Places

This shape that is congested provides plenty of opportunity for the scalenus anterior and scalenus medius muscles to make mischief. Whenever the scalenes contract, they grow wider, potentially putting pressure on the nerves between them. If whiplash, repetitive stress, or other trauma injures the scalenes, scar tissue may form, which thickens the muscles further and makes them more inflexible, and this may also cause nerve compression. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Ability.

TOS symptoms can also be generated if the nerves get trapped in that scar tissue, so instead of gliding through muscles during ordinary arm and neck movements, the movements cause the nerves to overstretch. And tight scalenes can pull the first rib up so high it pinches subclavian artery, the nerves, and subclavian vein against the clavicle, creating potentially even discoloration in your hands or arms, and more tingling, numbness, pain.

Relax and Lengthen

To alleviate TOS symptoms caused by compaction or overstretching of the nerves and blood vessels that serve the hand, you will need to slowly break down scar tissue within the scalenes, create more space between them, and stretch them enough to lower the first rib away from the clavicle. One plausible strategy is to use yoga to relax, soften, and gently lengthen these two muscles. How to Create Real Magic With Psychic Spell Ability.

To help relax and lengthen the scalenes, use breathing exercises. The scalenes can elongate by correcting forward-head misalignment in standing poses, taking your neck and head backwards in backbends, or sidebending your neck. It’s also possible to change ancient yoga postures, and the teachings in the section “Opening Go” describe the best way to do this in an altered and supported variant of Matsyasana (Fish Pose).

You will use your hands to pull the upper rib cage down and away from the direction of neck bending, to transfer the first rib accurately in the altered Matsyasana. You’ll augment the downward motion of the first rib by exhaling steadfastly to engage the abdominal muscles, the internal intercostal muscles, and other muscles that pull the rib cage down.

The joined backbend-sidebend of your neck in this altered Matsyasana may be challenging, so move slowly and quit if it is uneasy. Do not reach your arms out to the sides while your head is back because this could overstretch the nerves. Also, be sure to center your head before shifting sides or departing the pose.

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